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    How to sell my car that needs work in Perth

    cash for cars

    You have a car which you would like to sell? You are aware it needs repairs! And you are also thinking how can I sell my car fast? Here are some helpful tips from All Car Removals who pay top cash for cars in Perth.

    Get an understanding of what cost it will be to fix your car

    Get an assessment done by a mechanic.  You can either take it to a workshop or have a mobile mechanic come to you for an assessment. You will want to know the exact condition your car is in before selling it. The mechanic will provide you with an honest assessment report.

    If your car is not road- worthy or has a yellow sticker, and requires a pit inspection, it can be a lengthy, and costly process. If your car is not road worthy or unregistered the coast repair will add up quickly and in some cases the car repairs cost more than value of the car fixing. At this point you may consider giving us a call to take advantage of our car removal service in Perth metro area for free.

    What is a fair price for my car that is not working?

    Set a fair price based on its condition, and the repairs needed. Whilst most used car buyers want a car in good condition, some are happy to purchase one that needs repairs cheaper and save. They may be able to do the repairs themselves or know someone that can help. If your car is not road – worthy buyers are reluctant to buy it as it can be a very lengthy process for them.

    Getting cash for cars from a dealer VS Advertising your car privately

    Advertise the car honestly. Whilst you may not have to tell the truth about the condition it is in, you also don’t want to be referred to as the person that sold a Lemon! Be honest about the condition, and what repairs are needed. Present the assessment report to the prospective buyers to back up what you are saying. Be honest if your car is not road – worthy or has been yellow stickered and requires a pit inspection.

    cash for cars

    Making the most out of the money you have spent on repairs on your car.

    Make the prospective buyers aware of the cars good points, even if the car needs work it may have parts and systems that are in good condition. You may have recently replaced a part of had some work done on the car. Be prepared to show receipts if you have replaced any parts or completed any work.


    You have done all the above and still cannot sell your car. You can start searching for buyers yourself. You can approach car yards and see if they are interested in buying your car. Car yards do their own assessments before making an offer and will become aware of the repairs needed.

    Some car yards may offer cash for your car, but unlikely if your car needs repairs or is not road – worthy, and in some cases quite a low offer. Car yards often buy cars requiring minimal repairs, roadworthy and ones they can sell for a profit. You can contact All Car Removals Perth as they offer top cash for cars in any condition. The process is simple, fast and gets you a better offer than selling to a junkyard.

    All Car Removals Perth will offer cash for scrap cars and even if your car isn’t worth anything, their car removal Perth service will still pick up your car for free, which saves you a towing fee and having to dispose of it yourself. All Car Removals are leaders in the cash for cars Perth industry, they have superior knowledge of the scrap recycling industry and abide by their strict environmental policy.